Damien Mulley - Social Media Consultant

Why a Social Media Consultant now?

I've rallied for years against the idea of people calling themselves Social Media Consultants, Social Media Experts and so on. I despise being called a guru or an expert in social media or digital marketing because it's hard to be an expert in such a broad and massively changing system. If you're not constantly dancing in the fire, then you're out of touch. So when SocialMediaConsultant.ie was let go as a domain the other day, I went ahead and bought it and didn't know what to put on it but didn't want to see it being used by someone that was on my course 4 weeks ago and is now "consulting" because they now know it all now. This is my idea of a social media guru or social media (God help us) ninja. Michele has his Social Media Expert domain so I guess I'm just copying him now.

Eating Crow

I never liked the "coach" description but I have met a few coaches who I have found are fantastic and have helped turn a company around by personally mentoring people in organisations to better themselves and that in turn has helped the company greatly. So not all coaches are full of it and so, not all social media consultants are.

So, do I consult in Social Media?

Well, I consult in communications online and some of that can be described as social media. So technically, I guess yes, I do. When I give training around search optimisation I keep hammering it home that what consumers use and what you use should not differ. If the public calls it digital marketing and not Internet marketing, then you call it digital marketing because you know what they mean and this is just how they call it.

If it consults like a duck, are you a social media consultant?

Yeah, ok, yes I probably am. Not going on my business cards though

Damien Mulley Bio

I'm Damien Mulley. I consult in digital communications and analog communications and even Social Media.
Damien Mulley, shoots social media consultants dead

You can contact me on damien@mulley.ie. I'd give you my phone number but I never answer my phone.